What’s It About The Star Clusters Megaclusters

It is such a fantastic deal to draw back the curtain on a new release from Aussie developer Big Time Gaming online slot. You may want to pay particular attention to this announcement, with the launch of the Megaways it might be the biggest thing. Most certainly would agree that Big Time Gaming built up a reputation for creative brilliance and players still awaited something unique (if not requested).

The first look 

Big Time Gaming is respected and they don’t have popularity at all. Heck, the team could sit back and watch Megaways roll in the royalty checks. In the opposite, the team was busy cooking new forms for a casino audience to thrill them voracious for creativity. Ok, keep up with people when we not only have the first ever Big Time Gaming casino slot malaysia cluster slot but the brand new game engine called Megaclusters.

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The first look of the game shows a modern, but recognizable interface full of jewels and a classic options menu area. The basic backdrop provides the game with a celestial light-speed effect traveling through the warp. If you ever saw Spaceballs, the old fiction comedy, it is like going from light to ridiculous speed, the baddies. 


The audio is also an exciting thing, because for CEO Nik Robinson it was a passion project, who tried the Moog synth for the sound and laid a lot of funny examples on top. Keep an eye out for Street Fighter, Pac Man, Metal Gear and Bonanza, and a few other streamers. Ensure that the bass is taken by the headphones or speakers to make the most of the psytrance that allows visually-oriented people to create a sensory feast.

When you boot the game, a 4×4 grid appears to be placed inside a classy retro computer. This is purely a payout slot cluster (although with a twist, as you can see), meaning that there are no paylines. Winners are formed instead by the vertical or horizontal relation of 5 corresponding symbols.

Looking through the paytable, there is a selection of jewels of different shades – water, purple, orange, gray, blue, red and violet. Values range from 10x to 50x if a cluster contains 25+ symbols. Two wild icons, a standard wild and a specific gold wild, help bring clusters together

The difference

The distinction is that a multiplier is used where a Gold Wild is used in a cluster. The multiplier begins at x1 and increases by +1 when a Gold Wild is included in an open-ended cluster. The multiplier resets any new spin again, unless it causes free spins.

Star Clusters Megaclusters is, of course, a volatile game that can be played from 20pc/s to £/€20 per spin, but is not quite so volatile as some of the other deals in the portfolio. In the meantime, RTP stays stable at 96.54 percent, representing the bulk of players



If a winning player arrives, that is when a mechanic from Megaclusters kicks in, and brilliance is so easy. In order to build still more Megaclusters, the individual symboles in the winning combo will be separated into 4 smaller symbols.


When winners arise with these smaller symbols, new symbols are omitted such that no winning combinations emerge. This means that each of the 16 tiles on the four-win grid can be split into 4 smaller tiles in the simple game, for a limit of up to 64 Megacluster.


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